MK, Volunteer

Every time I come to the stables there is an opportunity to grow and learn, as well as helping with the barn or programs. The positive and encouraging atmosphere provided by the staff welcomes all who come to Shamrock Reins, both participants and volunteers alike. The horses add their own flavor and energy to the grounds! Every day is different. It is truly a wonderful experience on many levels. Looking to the future, it is exciting to think of all the possibilities that could be available to be developed!

CC, US Army Veteran

Thank you guys so much! Shamrock Reins gave me the knowledge, healing, and courage to live a dream! Riding on the beach in California, the country side in Germany, the mountains of Spain, and walking 707 kilometers of the Camino de Santiago! Thank You Everyone!

PE, US Army Veteran

An awesome time with the people and horses. My time is very well spent and I am a lot better.

US Veteran

Awesome and Fantastic!

US Veteran

The experience today was most soothing and serene. The staff was amazing as interactions with the horses produced a new and positive therapeutic atmosphere.

JS, US Veteran, The Veterans Group

This has been an awesome 2nd time experience. Thank you, all you guys.

MC, Volunteer

I have worked with horses for many years and in different therapeutic programs. Shamrock Reins has introduced me to another area of therapy that is a totally new concept. The interaction between the horses and the participants is a great exercise in patience and understanding. (This includes me). This physical and mental challenge relates to everyday life on many levels and has opened a new door of understanding for me. Just stand back and watch different situations unfold and how the horses and participants deal with them. It is a lesson in life. I am happy to be part of this caring organization that opens its heart to all.

MK US Army Veteran

I was embedded in this combat zone for 1 year. You can’t come back and say everything is fine, there is a lot to undo from what we saw and what we did. Just coming here and being with the horses who I know are here for me is what I needed. There are 22 Veteran suicides a day, Shamrock Reins helping me will make 1 less.

AT, US Army Veteran

After completing 5 years in the US Army, spending 22 months in Afghanistan, I found my save haven at Shamrock Reins. I've been having a hard time transitioning into a civilian life and equine therapy helps me come back to reality.

US Veteran

My experience here was wonderful. The hospitality made me feel very welcome

CJ, US Veteran

When I think about my experience this last year (2017) with the Shamrocks Rein’s Equine Therapy group, three words come to mind, peacefulness, understanding and growth.  I am truly thankful that I have been blessed to work with such a supportive and compassionate staff.

This opportunity has allowed me to understand my own challenges, connect and experience one of nature’s most beautiful creations (horses), experience unconditional love and build trust again, as I travel on this journey to healing.

US Army Veteran

A comforting safe place to get outside in the fresh air, meet caring people, learn to ride and have some fun and relax.

TT, US Navy, US Air Force Veteran

Shamrock Reins is the best! I’d come every day if I could. This is not only a chance to interact with horses, but a chance to get to know myself. Who knew you could learn so much from a horse... Shamrock Reins!!!! Thursdays are the best days of the week because it means I’m going to Shamrock Reins. In fact I get an attitude if my session is cancelled due to weather. I can’t say enough about the staff, volunteers, and the horses. You feel welcomed from the time you get out of the car. They are concerned about my well being, safety, and overall growth. Janet is always thanking us, but what she is doing for me and other Vets is better that any thank you she could say. Thanks so much to Janet, all the staff and volunteers. Love you guys!

ST, US Veteran Wife

I am the wife of a 2 tour Combat Veteran with PTSD. It has been a very difficult transition to watch my husband go from a decorated Soldier to a lost civilian. I felt completely helpless when he separated from the Army and began losing hope for our positive future. Shamrock Reins has helped not only my husband cope with PTSD but myself included. I recommend every Veteran, and their families, visit Shamrock Reins and begin healing.

CH, Volunteer

I've wanted to do something to help the men and women who fight for our freedom, but I didn't know what. I attended LVMAC, Leigh Valley Military Affairs Council, meetings on the third Wednesday of each month starting last June. Janet Brennan came and gave a virtual tour of Shamrock Reins. She was using horses to help the men and women with PTSD and other traumas to get them back on their feet. It sounded cool and very exciting. I went over to check it out. I liked what I saw and the people who worked there were very warm and caring. I joined in October 2016 and have been going there every Saturday and other days since. I believe in what Shamrock Reins is doing and I've seen some very happy faces leave there after their encounter with the horses AND their excitement of returning the following week. I am grateful for Shamrock Reins, not only for the fulfillment I receive from helping our WARRIORS, but also for what Shamrock Reins wants to do FOR our WARRIORS. Thank you Shamrock Reins for being there for our WARRIORS!

US Veteran

Being here today helped me regain a sense that there is always hope, even at times when you may feel hopeless.

US Veteran

It was fun to interact with the horses. Great facility and Staff.