The Shamrock Reins Horses


  • Registered Name: Docs Bullet Dude
  • American Quarter Horse, NFQHA – Gelding
  • Born June 17, 1998

Bullet is a Dark Bay with a white star on his forehead. He loves being on the move and is always happier out in the field with his pasture-mates rather than being in his stall. Bullet likes to come up to the fence to say hello to visitors.  He is a supportive friend to the Participants he works with but likes to be the center of attention and he will remind the Participants to focus on him.


  • American Quarter Horse – Mare
  • Born May 9, 2010
  • Daughter of Irish & Bullet

Clancy is a Buckskin, with no white markings. She is playful, quick to learn, energetic, and a little stubborn. She is challenging for our Participants but has a sweet personality. A bonding and trusting relationship with Clancy is very rewarding. Clancy’s favorite activities are grooming and meal time. She is very friendly and personable.


  • American Miniature Horse – Mare
  • Born 2005

Clover is a Black Tobiano and looks like a mini version of Lynda and Emerald. Clover joined Shamrock Reins on September 11, 2017. She has a very sweet personality, loves to graze, and go for walks. When you kneel down to her level she will happily give hugs and kisses. Clover is good at teaching Participants to be calm and will reward them with trust and support.


  • Registered Name: Doc Donegal Dude
  • American Quarter & American Paint Horse Mix – Gelding
  • Born April 9, 2009
  • Son of Lynda & Bullet, Brother of Emerald

Donegal is a Dark Bay, with an interrupted stripe on his face. His coloring is more like his Father Bullet rather than his Mother Lynda or Sister Emerald.  He loves to play games, be the center of attention, and pose for photographs. Donegal enjoys going on long walks, and loves to climb and play on snowbanks, hills, and ditches. He actively challenges our Participants to be aware of themselves and to work to develop trust.


  • American Quarter Horse – Mare
  • Born September 24, 1999
  • Daughter of Irish

Dublin is a palomino with a beautiful big white blaze and white lower lip. She has eyes like her Mother Irish, with eyeliner around each. She is spirited and full of personality. Although it can take some time for her to warm up to you, she is a willing partner for almost any activity. Her favorite pastime is trying to reach the grass on the other side of the fence.


  • Registered Name: Miss One T Dandy
  • American Quarter Horse – Mare
  • Born July 28, 1996

Ebony is solid black with no white markings. She is the boss mare in her field, is best friends with Clancy, and is first to the fence for meals. Ebony is extremely friendly towards people and especially enjoys sessions where she doesn’t have to run around a lot. She is a calm riding partner and she always seems to know exactly what our Participants need.


  • Registered Name: Miss Emerald Diamond
  • American Paint Horse – Mare
  • Born February 5, 2007
  • Daughter of Lynda, Brother of Donegal

Emerald is a flashy, Bay Tobiano. She is like her Mother Lynda, both in appearance and in personality. She can be timid around new people, but she is very sweet and loving once she trusts you. Emerald enjoys being with people, being groomed and, and being petted.


  • Belgian Draft – Gelding
  • Born in 1999

Although Gus doesn’t sound very Irish, it is a classic and very old Gaelic name, Angus, from the Old Irish óen‘one’ gus ‘excellence’, ‘force’ and ‘courage’. In Irish myth Aengus is the God of love, youth and poetic inspiration.  This is our Gus, a gentle loving giant, a large teddy bear. Gus is a Chestnut gelding, with a flaxen mane and tail. He is quite clearly the tallest horse we have at Shamrock Reins and weighs approximately 2,000 pounds. Gus expects undivided attention when working with him.  He is a cooperative partner and a good teacher. Once he gets to know you he loves you forever! Gus is very calm and sociable and always seems to have a smile on his face.


  • Registered Name: Bay B Sugar Bar
  • American Quarter Horse – Mare
  • Born May 12, 1991
  • Mother of Dublin, Shamrock, & Clancy

Irish is a Mahogany Bay with a star in the shape of Ireland, so it only made sense for her name to be “Irish”. She is the matriarch of the herd, a gentle loving soul who expects undivided attention. She loves getting attention from people, being brushed, and eating treats. She enjoys spending time with her pasture friend, Windy.


  • Registered Name: Bar J Lyndas Beauty
  • American Paint Horse – Mare
  • Born March 15, 2000
  • Mother of Emerald & Donegal

Lynda is a bright Bay Tobiano. She can be hesitant to accept people but is a gentle soul and warms up to you once trust is established. Lynda shares a pasture with Clover who looks like a mini version of her.


  • American Quarter & Paint Horse – Gelding
  • Born March 17, 2010
  • Son of Shamrock & Windy

Paddy is a bay, whose markings almost match those of his father, Shamrock. Paddy was born on St. Patrick’s Day, so he is appropriately named “Paddy”. He is excitable and likes to run around and play with his pasture mates. Paddy enjoys stealing lead ropes, hoses, and anything else he can reach. He loves to show off playing with balls and hula-hoops and expects to have all eyes on him. He teaches our Participants about their emotions and encourages them to work hard to gain his trust.


  • Registered Names: Blues Sugar Shamrock
  • American Quarter Horse – Gelding
  • Born May 7, 2001
  • Son of Irish, Brother of Dublin, Father of Paddy

Shamrock is a Bay, with striking white on his face and legs and a white lower lip.  Shamrock is a special horse with a lot of personality. He is extremely affectionate and sociable. He prefers playing games and eating over doing work. Shamrock is immensely loyal to his Participants. One of his favorite past times is trail riding around the property. When he isn’t busy in sessions he loves to just hang out with his best friend Gus in their field.


  • American Quarter Horse – Mare
  • Born 1992

Tika is a Chestnut mare who loves attention from people. She is a quick mover, but easy to work with and a willing partner. Tika loves getting her tummy rubbed.  She becomes excited for her treats at the end of sessions.  When not working she enjoys her pasture time with her friends Dublin and Emerald.


  • Registered Name: Windy Norfleet
  • American Paint Horse – Mare
  • Born April 7, 1992
  • Mother of Paddy

Windy is a Red Roan with a wide blaze and one blue eye. She has a sweet nature which she passed on to her son Paddy. Windy is a kind, gentle partner during sessions and patiently encourages Participants in building a trusting bond. When not is sessions Windy enjoys spending time by the side of her pasture mate Irish.